You Record Your Podcast & We’ll Handle The Rest

Your complete podcast editing, transcription and publishing service.


We’ll remove all the mistakes in the audio as well as master the file, making you sound like a true pro.


You will dramatically free up you time not having to worry about your podcast production. Get on with things that matter!


We’ll help you stay accountable to new episode schedules as we find our working rhythm with you.

How Our Service Works

easy, no fuss service



Do what you do best and record your latest episode.

  • Create your Episode
  • Save your raw files
  • Upload your files to our shared dropbox folder



This is where you sit back and relax as we do what we do best:

  • Remove any mistakes (umms, ahhs) while still making you sound authentic.
  • Remove background noises, unwanted breaths and empty space.
  • Add all your additional audio files (intros, outros & section breaks).
  • Master your audio file by adding broadcast compression, limiting, normalizing and EQs.
  • Export and ID3 tag your file, ready for iTunes etc.
  • Upload your file to your hosting provider (Amazon S3, Libsim or whoever you use) or We send you your completed file back.



At this final stretch we will ensure your episode goes out effortlessly:

  • We will transcribe your audio file and send you PDF transcript.
  • We will draw up your show notes and include links and resources mentioned in your episode.


  • Create unique artwork per episode.
  • Link your MP3 file to your post.
  • Schedule your post to go live as and when you desire.

Select a Plan

choose an option below.


    Per Episode

  • $149

    / per episode

  • Professional Podcast Editing
      – Complete Audio Editing
      – Audio Mastering

    ID3 File Tagging
    Show Note Writing
    PDF File Transcription
    File Uploading
    Linking to Related Show Content
    Advice & Help
    Artwork for Episode (optional)

    Single Episode Included


    4 Episodes Per Month

  • $549

    / per month

  • Professional Podcast Editing
      – Complete Audio Editing
      – Audio Mastering

    ID3 File Tagging
    Show Note Writing
    PDF File Transcription
    File Uploading
    Linking to Related Show Content
    Advice & Help
    Artwork for Episode (optional)

    Up to 4 Episodes Per Month

Meet The Team

Tim Poulton

Tim is the founder of ScrubCast and has an extensive background in digital and media. Originally a self proclaimed rock star in a band, Tim moved onto live sound engineering and dabbled in audio engineering.

Tim has since been providing  Project Management consulting to companies including clients such as Microsoft.  It’s the knowledge of audio and solid organisational skills that have led to the formation of ScrubCast.

The idea of a podcasting editing service has been with Tim for a while and now the business is live and ready to go!

Dave has had a decade of experience in audio and music production. From 2005 he began work on his extensive catalogue of production music for various publishers, notable recent syncs include licenses for Fox TV’s highly successful Surviving Jack, and an international Jeep commercial. In 2010 he recorded and mixed his band Lonehill Estate’s third and most popular self titled album which achieved five national number one hits, and airplay in the U.S. Africa and Europe. Before making the move to Cape Town he led a small group of composers at Freq’ncy Music Johannesburg where he himself composed music for international commercials broadcast in Taiwan, Thailand, Romania, and throughout the African continent.

Dave Waugh

Your Questions Answered

How Does the 50% Special Work?

Once we’ve had a chat about your podcast and setup, we will edit your first episode where you will save 50% of the normal price.

When Is My Podcast Edited and When Will It Be Ready?

Once you upload your latest episode and get it to us, we will generally start working on it ASAP. Typically we will have your episode ready within 6 days after we receive your file(s).

Do I Get To Review My Episode Before It Is Scheduled For Release?

Yes!  We will ensure you have sufficient time to review your episode and give us any feedback.  As we move forward, we will work out what works best for your show.

How Do I Know This Works?

There is no risk here as we will edit your first episode for 50% off the normal price!  If you don’t like what we do (we doubt it) then we will happily give your money back.

Do I Enter Into Any Contracts With You?

No there are no signed agreemtns… You will need to agree to our terms and conditions. You can cancel your service at any time.

What If I Release More Than 4 Episodes Per Month?

This is not a problem. We can come up with an arrangement with you and will work around your frequency of episode release.

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